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Stu Robinson;
I started serious sailing in 1962 at age 12.  In that year our family moved aboard a 42 foot sailboat and we traveled the river systems from Chicago to New Orleans.  I have continued knocking around the water, diving, surfing, sailing, racing and living aboard boats.  I have an extensive collection of sailing trophies, mostly dinghies and offshore work. I have lived more then 12 years aboard boats, four of which were in the West Indies.  I have navigated the St. Lawrence Seaway, as far east as Bermuda and as far south as Trinidad.  I have seen 30 foot tides and 8 knot currents been onboard boats struck by lightning, was chased out of the water by sharks and in 1991 got caught in hurricane Grace aka Perfect Storm.

I beleive I have had a most interesting childhood.
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play time
ginny filiatrault
Notable people who influenced my sailing
capt bob shuford
ginny filiatrault
Captain Robert Pou Shuford Irving & Eltra Johnson Ginny Filiatrault Sailor Extraordinary  
Gamgee years - in the early 80's I imported Young Sun Yachts which were built in Taiwan. I kept the 35 foot demo boat and I moved onboard in 1987. For the next 9 years I lived aboard S/V Gamgee. I had sailed thru most of the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, worked and wintered in Boston touched base in Bermuda and went as far south as Trinidad. I would sail into a large city, inquire about jobs and if things look good find dockage.
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Young Sun Boat Yard Winter in Boston Island Stuff