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Wauquiez International Yachts - Home Page
Wauquiez Owners
Wauquiez Owner's Group - discussion board, photos and owner database - A Yahoo's group about Wauquiez with links to owner's blogs and websites

Wauquiez Hood 38 Original Gear
Spyrit Boats original vendor for those odd things (sliding main hatch)
ECS Marine  ventilation, manual anchor windless
Plastimo USA European gear and lots of it
Selden Mast Purchased Kemp Masts, lots of information online and good customer service
Solimar Steering Pedestal Steering Systems

Wauquiez Hood 38 Replacement Gear
Select Plastics Connecticut company custom fabricated plastics and marine hatch repair
Budget Marine Caribbean marine supplier
Edson Marine  Steering, wheels and related products
Superbrightleds  LED products, best prices

Wauquiez Hood 38 Specs spec sheet for the Hood 38
Sailritesails sail spec sheet for the Hood 38

Perkin's Engine 4.108
Work Shop Manual - pdf format good quality
Fuel Injector Pump - pdf fromat Lucas CAV pump
Diesel Power - Best prices and great advice
Trans Atlantic Diesel - Good prices on Perkin's parts

Sailing Organizations
US Sailing
Seven Seas Cruising Association - home page
Seven Seas Cruising Association - Discussion Board - the most complete info you need to cruise and maintain your vessel
Kentucky Lake Sailing Club - my current club

Electronic Charts and Related
NOAA Nautical Charts
PC Based Chartware - a quick write up
     iNavX - iOS based charts & chartplotter, useful for iPad user with built in GPS chip
     OpenCPN - I beleive this is the best of the free PC based Chartplotter
     SeaClear GPS - free software
     Fugawi Marine ENC™
GRID.US - free weather mapping software

Schurr Sails - Located in Pensacola local legend built my 100% jib
Doyle - Sails for Hood 38 found on
Porpoise - Sail Measurement Definitions
Bacon Sails - Best Used Gear & Sails
Sailrite - Sail Materal and More

Other Things
Turner Marine Services - Mobile Al, best place to raise masts a DYI yard
Bluewatermarinepaint - Ablative Bottom paint 67% copper content and slime control
Buckwoodcraft - Buck Woodcraft, teak and other woods will cut to size
Sailing Services (Rigging) - Large rigging service located in South Florida, good prices, attention to customer needs
The GPSstore - All sort of GPS and marine products
Fisherie Supply - West coast supplier of great gear
Deaton Yachts Services - Oriental NC one of the best yards