Mast Wauquiez Hood 38

The mast was manufactured by Kemp, which was purchased by Seldén. The mast is two piece, double spreader, well made, very solid with attention to design and detail. There are two channels running the length of mast for wiring. Seldén has a huge online information section and manuals for their spars .

I rewired the mast and put on new nav lights, vhf antenna and a lightning rod dissipater. Following are general photos of mast and gear.
working on mast
Mast was easy to re-rig mast at spreader
spreader boot mast collar
  old steaming/deck light new steaming light installed mast  head two photos
I have a habit of putting silicone on out of the way cotter keys.

Next mast boot will be a pourable type.
silicone applied to cotter keys mast boot used a inner tube had to cut down size of mast boot
My Datamarine wind speed anamometer had stopped working twice. Replacement parts can be purchased at DMI. DMI wind indicator wind indicatior repair  
The Sarma mechanical backstay adjustor had become progressively difficult to work. It froze up so I took it home. I discovered a fine grit, years of accumulated dust and pollen gummed up the works. Sarma backstay adjustor fine grit