Specs Wauquiez Hood 38 MK II

My boat Rendova is a Wauquiez Hood 38 MK II.  The Wauquiez (pronounced vo-kee-ay) is a French company, building blue water sailing yachts since 1965. Wauquiez is often referred to as the "Swan Boats" of France. Wauquiez has established a strong international following and offers a unique blend of performance and long range cruising capability with outstanding building construction and craftsmanship. Jack Hornor naval architect/surveyor reviewed the Wauquiez Pretoriean 35 which is a similar but smaller twin to the 38. His review is in the following PDF format more.... The 38 has a centerboard keel with 4'6" draft, giving her easy access to shallow cruising grounds. With centerboard down you almost have 11 foot draft which makes for a excellent pointing ability. MK II Cockpit
These boats came in two designs. The MK I is European with a submarine hatch forward of the traveler, and offers more interior space. The MK II has the traditional cockpit entry to the cabin and commands a much higher price.

MK II Cockpit
Ted Hood is best known worldwide as the man who founded Hood Sailmakers, which during the 1960's and 1970's was the world's largest sailmaker. He was a well known as a successful racing skipper, as the founder of Little Harbor Yachts, and as an innovative marine inventor and yacht designer. Hood built and skippered a successful series of keel and centerboard racing boats under the names "Robin". The Hood 38 is a reflection of Ted's successful past designs.
MK I Deck

  MK I Deck Access
LOA 38' 0"
LWL 30' 4 "
Beam 11' 9"
Draft 4' 6", 10' 8" board down
CB Cable 3/16 x 26 feet SS
Displacement 23,300 lbs. approx.
Ballast 11,000 lbs. lead approx.
Deck Paint Imron White 508
Mast Height 53 feet approx.
Sail Area 707sq
Foresail Area 395.25sq (big foresail)
Mainsail Area 311.50sq
Est. Forestay 53.30
Beta B-43 43 hp
Beta Serial # Side 7HQ2605
Gear Box Type ZF15MIV
Gear Box Serial # 20311785 # I8494
Gear Box Reduction 2:13:1
Header Tank Serial # G212417
Oil Filters  
Fuel Filter Primary Racor 2 Micron 2010SM-OR
Fuel Filter Engine Fram C1191A, NAPA 3166
Transmission Oil Dextron III - .59 quarts .56 liters
Prop Shaft 30mm, right turning
Cutlass Struct & bearing 1 1/8" mis-matched to shaft
Prop - Max Prop 17 inch @ 18 degrees
R/W Impeller \
Shift Control Cable Teleflex CC63311 (11 is feet)
  Morse original 33C RED JACKET 32377-003
Hull No 168
Year Built 1986
PHRF 129-135
Years Built 1978-1989
Total Hulls 179
ProFurl System  
Luff Tape #6 (3/16")
  max centerboard image

Line Drawings

Rig Dimensions
I = 51.00 J = 15.50 P = 44.50 E = 14.00

Genny 140%
Luff = 48'6" Leech 47'8" Foot 25'3"  
Halyard 126 feet x 1/2" leads to cockpit

Jib 100%
Luff = 47'10" Leech 42'2" Foot 17'8" high cut clue

Storm Jib
Luff = 19'4" Leech 14'9" Foot 10'0"  

What inspired the boat name? Rendova Island is found in the Solomon Island group (The Slot).  My father had been stationed on this island and many other islands in WWII.  Rendova’s footnote in history is that it was homebase to PT boat operations, where PT 109 and John F. Kennedy were stationed. Coming full circle, in 1962 at age 12, our family moved and lived aboard a sailboat named Ondongo. We went cruising for two years. Ondongo was another island my father had been stationed on. Ondongo was my first big boat and I plan to have Rendova as my last big sailboat.